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Check out these great leadership resources!

Reports and Documents

Annie E. Casey FoundationEvidence Based Leadership

Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs Creating a Culture of Family Engagement

Family Voices of California Project Leadership Training Manual

Northwest Health Law Advocates Washington State Accountable Communities of Health Recommendations on Consumer Involvement in Regional Decisionmaking

Planning for Family Involvement Planning Worksheet to incorporate family leaders into projects

Becoming a Family Advocate and Telling Your Story With a Purpose Family Advocacy Training Materials

Early Childhood Parenting Curriculum a structured set of coursesthat cover key topic areas that parents need to know about early childhood development.


2016 Cultural Competency Series: Working Effectively with Diverse Youth & Families in Transition This webinar series gives participants a rich overview of important issues involving students with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds. The series covers critical topics linking the specific challenges facing CLD

GrantsMagic Courses to Learn Grant Writing for your non-profit-both free and fee for service.

MCH Navigator 5 minutes is all it takes!Learn the 12 MCH Leadership Competencies. This fast-paced program combines learning opportunities with implementation strategies to provide: ~Short, focused learning modules and practice ideas to fit into busy schedules. ~The ability to utilize the online Self-Assessment to further refine learning needs. ~A paced schedule to reinforce learning over time.

MCH Navigator Public Health ProntoPublic Health Pronto is the MCH Navigator's newest microlearning project that allows you to participate in short bursts of learning throughout the year to improve your public health skills.

If you liked the 5-Minute MCH program, this is for you! We have improved the format, while keeping the emphasis on just-in-time, incremental, communal learning that can be accessed on-the-go to match your fast-paced work life.

Annie E Casey Foundation Resolving Differences Using the Circle of Conflict The video, part of the Foundation’s series of video tools for results-based leadership development, lays out common conflicts on a circle graph: data conflicts, relationship conflicts, language conflicts, values conflicts, interest conflicts and structural conflicts. Being able to identify and discuss the types of conflict that are occurring will allow partners to better determine how to resolve them so productive work can continue to happen.

Adolescent Health Initiative Spark Trainings. Sparks are free, ready-to-use, and include a PowerPoint presentation, a facilitator script, and follow-up materials. They are designed for providers or staff to deliver in 15-30 minutes at staff meetings or professional development opportunities. Sparks can be facilitated by providers or staff in any role, and are specifically designed to “spark” discussion and reflection among a multidisciplinary audience.

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